Condition and train your dog to love it's den. This is the foundation of foundation work. The most versatile den is a crate. And in this training the owner can learn the fundamentals of owner/K9 communications. With this life skill your dog can travel anywhere and be left alone when required without owner or K9 anxiety.


Go to 'PLACE'. This is the foundational game changer in a dog's state of mind. Ask your dog to go to a designated place and stay there until you say otherwise: these are marvelous manners indeed! 


A dog that does not recall reliably when asked will never be a free, fulfilled or balanced dog

Fulfill yourself ....fulfill your dog...don't settle for less than  TOTAL RECALL.

My dog will never go in a crate!

All dogs will go in a crate happily and without anxiety. It takes some skill and sensitivity to achieve this. Above all it takes leadership. 

If you choose to do it yourself you will learn a whole set of skills in relating to your dog. I recommend this and can guide you through the techniques. 

By the way: the crate is NEVER to be used as punishment. And I never punish dogs anyway. I educate. 

My dog will go to Place but does not stay there.

Your dog will not stay in Place until he respects your firm intention that he MUST!

Until the owner decides that it is  that is taking the decisions the dog usually will. And this training is a great way to calm a dog down; get respect from the dog that you take decisions; all in a totally gentle and fair way. But initially it takes some WORK!

My dog recalls most of the time...but when there are distractions, no chance!

I need to be blunt and to the point here. Recall that is not 100% is not recall! A dog that does not reliably recall is a potential liability to itself and others. The epedemic of flexi-leads points to the failure of basic training here.

To get recall takes some work. But if you have followed the recommendations of crate and place training, it is just the next step to a TOTALLY WONDERFUL K9!